grinding section

Machine Name Name Discription Qty
Cylindrical Grinder Parishuddh Center height-100 mm 1 Unit
Admit between center-450 mm
Internal grinding from 3 mm to 150 mm
Accuracy-0.001 mm
Cylindrical Grinder Modern UGM 400/200. Center height -100 mm 2 Unit
Admit between centers ;400 mm
Accuracy ;.003 mm
Tool cutter Grinder Make H.M.T. GTC 28 T Bed length – 760 mm 1 Unit
(with tilting wheel head) Longitudinal travel of table- 510 mm
Cross travel of table- 250 mm
Least count for wheel head-0.01 mm
Swiveling of wheel head- 344
Swiveling of work head- in vertical and
Horizontal plane 360
Surface Grinder Praga model 451 Working surface table- 544 x 150 1 Unit
Cross traverse-165 mm
Longitudinal traverse-460 mm
Cross feed accuracy-0.0025 mm
Vertical feed accuracy-0.002 mm
Toolcutter Grinder Sigma Universal Bed length-300 mm 1 Unit
Traverse L-250 mm x 150 mm cross
Center height-100 mm
Turret & Ram H.M.T. MITR Table length x width- 1070 x 230 1 Unit
milling machine Traverse longitudinal-760
Traverse vertical-400
With D.R.O. least count-0.005 mm
Milling Machine BMT universal Table length x width- 1000x 250 mm 1 Unit
Traverse longitudinal-600 mm
Traverse vertical – 200 mm
With magnetic chuck-600 x 320 mm
Milling Machine BMT universal Table length x width-750 x 200 mm 1 Unit
Traverse longitudinal-600 mm
Traverse vertical-150 mm
Lathe Nagmatti GNM2 Center height-180 mm 1 Unit
Admit between center-1000 mm
Swing over bed-355 mm
Swing over saddle- 276 mm
C.N.C Turning Machine C.N.C Turning Machine FANUC OI MATE TC 2 Units
Model ;Jobbers XL 200 CNC Swing over bed ;Dia.500 mm
Spindle speed ;50-4000 rpm
Dist. Between centers ;425 mm
Maximum m/c. dia. ; 270 mm
Lapping Machine Karson Capacity from 1 mm to 150 mm 1 Unit
Different rollers for finishing and oughing
Taper attachment included
Length-150 mm
Gap Grinding Machine Accurate PGL-200 Grinding and lapping capacity -200 mm 1 Unit
Length of grinding – 60 mm
Cross feed accuracy-0.0005 mm
Pantograph machine Toolcraft Two dimensional 1 Unit
With etching attachment
Hake machine Gohil Blade size-14″ x 1 ¼” 1 Unit
Drilling machine MMT Pedestal type Taper MT2 1 Unit
Maximum drilling capacity- 19 mm
Drilling machine Make-Eiffco Taper MT2 1 Unit
Maximum capacity-16 mm
Cutting machine Laxson Double Column Cutting Machine 1 Unit
Hydraulic Blade Tension
M-42 Bi Metal Bandsaw Blade
Split Main Vise for Better Gripping
Power Driven Chip Removal Wire Brush
Automatic Work Height Control
Shearing Atlas Length – upto 1250 mm 1 Unit
sheet thickness- upto 4mm be cut
Power press Swastik 100 tons 1 Unit
Power press Swastik 50  tons 1 Unit
Power press Rajesh 30  tons 1 Unit
Forging Wilson Hard forging 1 Unit
150tons capacity
All the above mentioned machines are available with us or held by us with our patner firms .
List as on 26th March 2011